Clearbrook Animal Hospital has been providing comprehensive veterinary care for the animals in our community since 2008. The hospital has been providing exemplary pet care at this location for over 35 years.

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Not So “Hot” Spots

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Pop Quiz! What is it called when your pet has a red, raw patch of skin that they lick and bite constantly? You guessed it! Hot spots. Hot spots are not necessarily the problem themselves, but more so a symptom of a problem. They’re caused by an animal licking and chewing at their skin usually...

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Wait…. Is That Coffee??

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Does your pet ever shake their head and scratch their ears incessantly? Do their ears look like they’re full of coffee grounds or crusty scabs? Is there a strong smell coming from the ears? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your loved one may be suffering from ear mites. Ear mites are...

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When the poop squirms

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What does a blade of grass, a stick, and a flea all have in common? All 3, along with many other things, can be carriers for intestinal parasites. Intestinal worms come in all different shapes and sizes but one thing never changes – they all want to steal nutrients from your furry friend. Worms like...

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