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“Eye” Think We Have a Problem

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We’ve all experienced the pain and irritation from having an eyelash or hair stuck in our eye. Now, imagine that discomfort never goes away and you’re powerless to do to anything about it. This is what happens when an animal has Entropion.Entropion is a term for a genetic condition, most common in Shar Peis and Mastiffs, which causes the eyelids to invert or roll inward. This causes the eyelashes and surrounding hair to constantly rub the surface of your pets’ eye. If not dealt with, it can cause corneal ulcers or perforations – both of which can leave scarring and later impair their vision.

If your loved one is dealing with entropion you may notice them rubbing their face, squinting, and they’ll likely have watery eyes. Their eyelids may even look swollen or puffy, and they may have some discharge.

It’s best to get your fur baby in to see us at Clearbrook Animal Hospital as soon as the problem is noticed. Doing so will help prevent any further injury to the eye. An exam with the veterinarian is usually all that’s needed to confirm a case of entropion.

Once confirmed, surgery is required to suture the eyelid back into place.  After surgery, your pup or kitty will have to wear a lovely cone collar for a few weeks so they cannot scratch their eyes and irritate them further.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent entropion from happening as it is in a pets’ genetics. The best way to handle it is by getting treatment quickly once diagnosed. Once it’s all taken care of, your little fluff ball will be feeling a million times better!

Until next time,                                                                                                  Clearbrook Animal Hospital Team

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