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Honesty is the Best Policy

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We’ve all done something in our life that was a little bit dumb and ended up causing even bigger problems. Sometimes it can turn out to be a little painful or even embarrassing but when it comes down on our pets’, we’re afraid our veterinarian will judge us.Diagnostics can be very time consuming when an animal comes in disoriented and lethargic. Many issues (ingestion of anti-freeze, Lilly flowers, alcohol, drugs etc.) share a lot of the same symptoms. So when it comes down to determining the chain of events that led up to that situation, a veterinarian’s best source of information is you, the owner.

If the veterinarian asks about possible drug or alcohol ingestion, it is not to embarrass or offend you. They are simply asking to eliminate options so the proper treatment plan can be put into motion as quickly as possible.

Veterinarians and their staff only want what’s best for your furry friends. Anything told to them is told in confidence and will not be repeated. Whether your pet got into drugs or there was just a stupid mistake that somehow landed them in our clinic, we need to know. There will be no judgement or snide remarks; our only goal is to treat your fur-baby properly.

The same can be said in other areas of your pets care. Perhaps your dog or cat needs to be on a special diet and, while you may be feeding that food, you’re also giving them table scraps.

When your pet comes back in and the veterinarian notices its condition has not changed, they will ask if you’ve been diligent with their diet. If you are not honest with them a new treatment plan will need to be created. This process will prolong your pets’ recovery and cause them to suffer unnecessarily.

Similar situations arise with not only food but with medications, as well. When an animal is not given their prescription properly their condition may not improve or could even worsen and become a life-threatening situation. Your pet is on prescribed medication for a reason and it’s very important to follow it through.

We cannot say this enough, when an animal is brought in we do not care what happened or what medication was missed, we only need to know so we can treat it effectively. Please be open and honest with your veterinarian in every situation.

Until next time,                                                                                                                                              Clearbrook Animal Hospital Team

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