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The ‘Tooth’ About Bad Breath

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All animal lovers have gotten kisses from a dog/cat with nasty breath at some point in their lives. Personally, I always feel bad turning away from them while they’re trying to show affection, but when their breath smells like the rear end of a horse there’s really no other option. Today, we’ll dive into why their breath may smell so foul.

Periodontal disease is the usual, painful culprit in situations like those. It slowly begins when the gums become red and inflamed from the initial calculus buildup; this stage is known as gingivitis. If the teeth are not cleaned at this stage, it will slowly but surely progress and become periodontitis; this is when the gums become infected due to the severe amount of calculus. Once your pets’ mouth gets to this point the probability for tooth loss is very high and it will most likely be difficult for them to eat.

The chart below by Royal Canin perfectly describes the 4 stages of Periodontal Disease:

A lot of pet owners don’t pay much attention to their furry friends teeth until the smell becomes too much to handle or they’re having trouble chewing. This is usually the time when their brought in to see us at Clearbrook Animal Hospital.

If you want your loved one to be healthy and be able to eat pain free it is important to stay on top of their oral health with regular brushing. Dental chews can also be a great addition into their oral routine.

We brush our own teeth 2 times a day and go in for cleanings at least once a year; why should our pets’ teeth be any different? When their teeth are clean and breath is fresh, you’ll be more than happy to get all those slobbery kisses!

Until next time,                                                                                                                                                  Clearbrook Animal Hospital Team


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