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Marion THIESSEN on 2015-04-29 As always our experience at Clearbrook Animal Hospital was outstanding.Dr.V.J is amazing with his compassion towards the pet and also the owner, the staff are absolutely awesome. I would recommend this clinic to anyone that loves and wants the best care for their pet. Dr. V.J is so very knowledgable and always goes the second mile to make you feel at ease.
MICHAEL BOLLEY on 2017-03-25 When I called they got us in in half an hour to see max. We were immediately seen by the nurse and doctor when we arrived. Max was very well cared for with empathy. Such a kind and friendly efficient staff.
BREANNA ACORN on 2017-03-23 I have brought several animals here and they have always been treated kindly and effectively. They are wonderful people to work with and don't try to push anything on you if you aren't comfortable. They are also reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend and do always recommend people to visit clearbrook animal hospital whenever they need a quality vet.
JAN ASKEW on 2017-03-23 Very helpful and friendly staff. Took good care of my pup whom was in for early neutering, was sent home with more than enough pain medication. I appreciated the call back the next day.
SHIRLEY EADE on 2017-03-22 Very friendly staff. very caring of my kitty. took very good care of her.
AGIM OSHLANI on 2017-03-21 you are the best in bc
NICOLE JANZEN on 2017-03-19 Was really good. Very friendly staff.
GAVIN KAREY-MCKENNA on 2017-03-16 Shots went as planned, except that Rev Bem is having a reaction to the shots. It started as soon as he had the shots and I pointed it out to the Vet. He was listless all night, walked in a zig zag and did not bark (unlike him). His ears are back and tail is down. This morning he is a little better and I expect him to make a full recovery.
RON GASS on 2017-03-14 We recently took our 8 yr. old maltipoo in for a tooth extraction and teeth cleaning. The staff were extremely friendly and when we arrived the assistant took the time to make the dog comfortable before she scooped him up.They were able to do lab work checking liver and kidney fuction right there prior to the anesthesia.He has had adverse reactions to shots and procedures at other vets in the past. We had brought him to Cleatbrook Animal Hospital for an emergency visit a couple of years ago and called for a consult appt. when he had tooth issues. We are very happy we made the change. Our dog came through the surgery, cleaning and shots with no negative reactions
AMANDA MOE on 2017-03-14 All the doctors at clearbrook are friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They always explain everything so we as pet owners understand what is going on with our pets. Their prices are great, and you get really good value for your money. The staff working at clearbrook are AMAZING. Always so friendly, caring and they make us feel like our pet is part of their family. I would definitely recommend clearbrook animal,hospital to my friends and family.
DAVID REID on 2017-03-13 Although there was nothing they could do for my precious Hershey...they helped me make the necessary decision and gave me the time I needed with him. I miss my kitty terribly but know I did the right thing for him. The support before and after was much appreciated. They were his regular Vets and looked after him well. Dave Reid
TED TOMLINSON on 2017-03-13 We went to them with our dog looking for someone that both my wife myself and most of all my dog could trust and was not overpriced . That was several Year ago, and have recommend them many times and have been thanked for doing so.
LINDA MUNRO on 2017-03-10 As usual, Katie was well taken care of.
GARTH HILES on 2017-03-07 Once again the staff and service were amazing and the best price in town.
Anon on 2017-03-05 I feel confident the staff has I cat and my best interest first.
Anon on 2017-02-21 Thank you clearbrook animal hospital for always making us feel our cats are in good hands.
Anon on 2017-02-18 Great Drs and great staff.
PATRICIA THOMAS on 2017-02-16 The staff there is wonderful. My aging dog has some issues that they are looking in to. I love Dr. VJ and how kind he is with the animals. You can tell that the entire staff love the fur babies that are brought in and love their jobs. Thank you!!!
TOM PRECKEL on 2017-02-16 best of the our vet......
Anon on 2017-02-11 Great, friendly staff who really care about taking good care of your furry family members.
ALAYA SCHMIDT on 2017-02-07 Very friendly and helpful
LOIS HUNTER on 2017-01-28 I brought in one of my fur babies with sneezing. The doctor listened to her heart and lungs and reassured me that both were clear, which was a big relief. He recommended a couple injections to help her out. Within thirty minutes of having her back home she was no longer sneezing and she looked happier. I also opted for an additional blood test to rule out any other possible problems. The results were back during the visit because of the in house lab and all was good.
Anon on 2017-01-26 Super kind staff and great animal care.
JULIE KLASSEN on 2017-01-25 Service is Great! We always get in shortly after making the appointment and the staff are friendly, kind and explain details thoroughly! Would definitely recommend.
PETER MARTIN on 2017-01-24 Have been going to this animal hospital for over 15 years now and always received very wonder care of our pets.
SHIRLEY PAPKE on 2017-01-17 I am very please with the service provided and with the results. The new food is working and he has not has a throw up since.
Anon on 2017-01-14 Always positive and helpful.
LORI AMBROSETTI on 2017-01-05 very knowledgeable staff. Answer all my questions.
MARIAN FLODIN on 2016-12-23 We were very pleased and appreciate that Vijay did not push the expensive blood panel that some other vets do. However our last name has been entered incorrectly into your records. It's not FLORIN ITS FLODIN. I hope that the record is corrected. Thanks
Anon on 2016-12-22 Staff are awesome.
MICHAEL ENNS on 2016-12-21 Very professional and helpful. Very impressed. So glad I switched vets.
STACEY MENDEZ on 2016-12-18 Thank you for taking such good care of my puppy!
HANNAH KITE on 2016-12-17 Great friendly staff!
JACOB PERCIVAL on 2016-12-14 You guys were very wonderful in taking care of Frankie and helping us get him home and back to good health
LOIS HUNTER on 2016-12-08 I had to take in my sixteen year old cat to be put down. The staff were very supportive in my time of grief. the vet was very careful and respectful of both me and my fur baby.
DYLAN JANIK on 2016-12-02 Very helpful staff. I brought my dog to them when he was very ill, they were professional about everything, and they rendered him assistance in his time of need. They've also helped me with documentation, and have been very polite and helpful.
LOIS HUNTER on 2016-12-01 I had to have my sixteen year old adopted cat put down and I was devastated. The staff were excellent and caring during the process and when I picked up her ashes.
JO-ANNE ROE on 2016-11-25 as always the staff and vj were wonderful..
KAM NAHAR on 2016-11-23 Excellent service Doctor Vijay vet amazing he's the best
MARK HENDERSON on 2016-11-18 the staff here are very friendly and helpful, plus they are caring, the vet here really cares about your pets
JILL UNGER on 2016-11-10 Never had a Vet as caring and loving towards my pet and whom provided an amazing amount of information that I never received before, about my aging dog and what to do for him. Dr VJ has that special kind of nature that creates a nurturing, safe environment to discuss even the most difficult situations with humility and grace. I am so happy I found the Clearbrook Animal Hospital.
DALE RATCLIFF on 2016-11-08 Excellent and caring,always professional and in my opinion they wouldn't treat their own animals any better,its like family there from the second you enter the front door and they follow up on your loved one with a call
LINDA POITRAS on 2016-11-08 My cat isn't always the friendliest to strangers but for some reason she apparently was great when we had to leave her. The staff was wonderful and made her experience a little bit better for being so afraid. Thank you!
ALENE WILSON on 2016-11-01 Thank you so much for looking after Jazz after she was attacked by another dog on Sunday. This was our first visit here as we are new to the area and the doctor was very calm and gentle with her. She is doing well and hopefully will heal quickly and be back to herself soon. The follow up phone call on Monday to check on her was much appreciated.
PAT BULLOCK on 2016-10-29 This is an excellent care facility for our pets.
DONNA PODOVINNIKOFF on 2016-10-27 They were very caring understanding and prompt to get to Bigsby and help him start to feel better
ASHLEY JOHNSON on 2016-10-25 Always reliable and friendly service.
SHARU GAKHAR on 2016-10-20 I absolutely love clearbrook animal hospital. The staff is so wonderful and Dr.Vijay has been the most amazing vet to all of my pets. I would definitely recommend this clinic for your fur babies!
DANA SALVATORE on 2016-10-11 I have always experienced kindness, care and quality of treatment for all my animals and would refer anyone to clinic. Sadly due to location I do not bring animals for regular shots. But for all other needs I know you have never let me down on giving helpful information and timely care needed with the kindness and consideration needed when I am in need of urgent or non urgent care for my dogs, cat, rabbits and even at one point my rats. Thank you so much to all the staff they are so kind helpful and my current experience which was a tragedy near miss on pet owners responsibilities that I am ashamed of but have learned and will never make mistake and will also pass on information to others. "CAREFUL with Flea Drops - some are POISONOUS to CATS"
DEANNA RITCHIE on 2016-10-08 I was in a panic because my cat was attacked by a raccoon. I drove her to the Clearbrook animal hospital. It was the closet one to my house and they took her in right away. They did surgery on her and fixed her up. She is now recovering and getting back to her playful self. I am and Luna very thankful for the loving care she recived. Thanks so much
LESLIE WAKEFIELD on 2016-10-08 I bring my dog here all the time. they have given her the best care and service, the vet asst. do there job very well and take very good care of all there patient I would not bring my pet anywhere else..
JEFF ZAZUBEK on 2016-10-06 very happy
SAMANTHA KNIGHT on 2016-10-02 Buddy,s treatment was excellent,and all the staff very caring.
SANDY ABRA on 2016-09-29 Always professional Friendly staff
Anon on 2016-09-28 Great staff! They took great care of my dog and cats !
Anon on 2016-09-24 My pet is not just my pet she's my kid and when I brought her in to get spayed the Clearbrook animal hospital they were so gentle with her and when I called every 20 mins to ask a question or see how my girl was doing they never once told me to stop calling, they reassured me that everything is going to be alright or they answered my questions.
PATTI LAWLOR on 2016-09-24 Found the staff very friendly and knowledgable . Hadn't used this vet before and was taking our baby to be spade ., so was nervous but found our puppy received the best car. The incision very small and suture internally ...looked great . The vet came out and talked to me personally as well
LARAINE HUGGINS on 2016-09-24 I was very happy with the care of my cat. She had pneumonia. The day after our visit she was almost back to her normal self. I did not feel pressured to do a lot of tests of which I was thankful.
BIA WARKENTIN on 2016-09-17 We had to bring our dog in for an emergency c-section when our regular veterinarian was on holidays. Your staff took us in right away and was very helpful and caring. We are considering switching over to your clinic because of the wonderful care we received.
KAYLYNN HOHENSINN on 2016-09-16 The staff love Molly and Max and treat them like celebrities. More importantly is the fact that the checkups are thorough and we have always received excellent care. We were very nervous two years ago when we had to spay/neuter them because we had a rabbit die during surgery in the past somewhere else, but Clearbrook did an AMAZING job and they healed so quickly. Since then we haven't wanted to go anywhere else.
GLENN SEAWARD on 2016-09-15 We have been clients for 10 years and couldn't be happier with the care we have been given. Dr. VJ has looked after 3 dogs for us. Recently, while driving across Canada our German Shepherd got his foot stuck in a sidewalk tree grate and wrenched his back causing a nerve problem. This resulted in pain, weakness and a lack of stability in his back legs. Dr. VJ returned our call to ease our minds about the emergency treatment we were getting in Calgary. This was like a 1200 kilometer house call for us and we appreciate that more than words can say. This is the level of service and caring we have always gotten from him and his staff. Remarkable! Thank you Clearbrook Animal Hospital!
JONATHON ZAWATSKY on 2016-09-13 I like dealing with this vet, they are very good, friendly and they don't pressure you to get services you might not want. And their pricing is very affordable
KAY CROUCHER on 2016-09-07 We were pleased and relieved to receive prompt, kind and professional attention to our dog's concerning condition.
Anon on 2016-09-03 Friendly, caring staff and vet who obviously love the fur babies they serve. Clean, welcoming facility and reasonable prices.
TRICIA BRIDAL on 2016-09-02 Super friendly and great prices!!!
TREVOR BALKWILL on 2016-09-01 Myself, friends and family have received kind, caring service there. I certainly trust Dr VJ with my animals.
Anon on 2016-08-27 The staff were very informative, helpful and caring. We differently recommend this clinic to fellow pet owners.
SYLVIA STEWART on 2016-08-24 We were politely. cheerfully and efficiently welcomed for our appointment. Dr. Jalan picked up on the cause of our concerns regarding Chiclette and recommended solutions right away. He was very genial, knowledgeable, professional and right to the point about Chiclette"s problem and is we feel he is steering us in the right direction to solvling her problems. We have every confidence we are at the right Vet and expect good results. We will be back for all her Veterinarian care in the future.
Norbert Daignault on 2016-08-24 Each time I've needed to bring one of my dogs for a csection, the vet is quick to answer the phones when they aren't even open, and open up early for me. I refer many people to this vet because they are very friendly and my dogs are happy after surgery!
Anon on 2016-08-24 They are very friendly and care for your animals like they are family. Decent prices and always have time to fit you in on your schedule.
Stacey Bushmann on 2016-08-21 Always fabulous service from all staff. Excellent care of my dog. Thank you !! And Xena thanks you !!
Anon on 2016-08-16 The doctor and the staff at Clearbrook has been excellent in their professionalism and care. They even made a follow up call the next day. This shows how much they care.
BRYON RAWLINGS on 2016-08-13 we drive from langley because the veterinarian is informative and seems to really care for is not just a job. the secretarys are friendly and helpful and in spite of being busy they never make you feel rushed..great Hospital and even after hours they respond speedily!
FRED BRIEN on 2016-08-10 Friendly, accommodating and informative. The service and results are excellent. We are very happy with the service provided following our move to Abbotsford.
LANA BATEMAN on 2016-08-04 Always great and friendly service
CAREN HENDERSON on 2016-08-03 The Clearbrook Animal Hospital has been our Vet for over 18 years, Taking care of both our cats and dogs, I would recommend them to anyone who wants wonderful care for their pets. We have always had incredible service. Caren Henderson
KRISTINE SALAS on 2016-07-31 Always get in same day, always have amazing care.
MELISSA BILINSKI on 2016-07-29 Had a great experience. Easy, quick service and friendly staff.
SIMRITI SANDHU on 2016-07-28 They reassured me about the safety of the procedure and calmed me down. Took care of my kitten perfectly and the procedure went smoothly. They even helped me after I had left and needed to urgently speak on the phone. Once again reassured me and helped me take steps to improving my worries. Love them! Would definitely recommend due to the care and professionalism!
NORMA MARTENS on 2016-07-25 Dr Vijay and his reception staff are very good and warming. I recommend this vet hospital to anyone looking for good care with caring people.
MARGUERITE STUART on 2016-07-24 They have been wonderful with my first dog and now with Maggie. They really show that they care about your animal and are ready to answer any questions you might have.
KAREN SANTAVENERE on 2016-07-20 Clearbrook Animal Hospital has always provided us with immediate service, booking with the office for appointments has been easy and stress free. The products supplied for food and other animals needs are readily available and their knowledge of the product is great. I like the follow up contacts they provide for us and our pets records are up to date. We consider Clearbrook Animal Hospital our Family Doctor, because our pets are Family! Karen & Marco Santavenere
Anon on 2016-07-16 Quick , friendly , please with service and how quick u help us with my baby boy ...he is the world to us , and after him getting hit by a car ... Your service was good and fast and pleased
ELPIDIO LAIGO on 2016-07-12 I recommend them to anybody because they care.
MARLA CARBONE on 2016-07-12 So far I've brought 3 different pets into Clearbrook Animal aHospital and received immediate attention to their various ailments. The Vet was giving information and discussing options for treatments in a way that I understood and so I made the best choices for my dog and cat and my friends dog too. After the treatments or procedures and my pet was home, I received phone call checking with me as to the well being of my pet. That's a first in my experience with a Vet anywhere.
Anon on 2016-07-08 Very nice staff. Reasonable fees. Always follow up to see how your pet is doing.
KRISTIE WIEBE on 2016-07-08 Love Dr. VJ!
Anon on 2016-07-07 Dr VJ and staff are amazing. We always feel that they have our pets best interest at heart and never fail to make us feel like they care for them as much as we do.
KIM SLATER on 2016-06-28 I like thank you all in the office for all your help & helping me getting my big cat Max out of my car to,cause he's so heavy for me... Thank you for taking care of my Max.
LESLIE WAKEFIELD on 2016-06-28 great hospitality. good service and very friendly. you guys are so good with chanel and took great care when she needed help...
GEOFF MANTLE on 2016-06-24 Great service.
Anon on 2016-06-24 The staff and doctor were very friendly. I had a good experience taking my furbaby to Clearbrook Animal Hospital.
AUDREY RUMAK on 2016-06-21 Great Vet and staff, always available when you need them. Good with the animals
KATIE RAE O'HARA on 2016-06-12 The vet went over everything with us and explained what was needed and the cost was much lower then other places we had been. The vet tech also told us we could call the vet after hours if we have any problems during the night with our pet so that shows us how much he really cares and wants to help our pet. We had an amazing experience!
Mark Henter on 2016-06-09 Not only this visit but every visit in the past couple of years has been useful and attentive.
Anon on 2016-06-03 Staff was extremely helpful and very pleasant to deal with. I will be recommending this to all my friends
LAURA MALASHEVSKY on 2016-05-29 friendly and informative staff, my dog loves to visit, reasonable pricing.
Anon on 2016-05-24 ***** Excellent care. Polite, efficient service.
TOM PRECKEL on 2016-05-19 FANTASTIC AS USUAL...the care they give the animals is beyond words
LESLEY GRAINGER on 2016-05-14 Chase is making good progress under your care. He has been steadily regaining weight and he is now back to his usual weight. He will be back for a follow-up visit in about four weeks.
LARISSA BOSCHMAN on 2016-05-07 Clearbrook animal hospital is amazing. They take great care of my pet and also have amazing customer service. They are affordable and transparent all costs involved with every pets care. I would recommend Clearbrook Animal Hospital to every pet owner out there!
PATRICIA THOMAS on 2016-05-07 I only saw the receptionist but she was very pleasant and helpful. I got everything that I came for in short order and got a senior's discount. Thanks.
BRITTANY BARTON on 2016-05-04 I had a great first visit! From the minute we walked in we were greeted warmly and the staff paid special attention to my cat to calm him down and cuddle him until he felt comfortable. The prices were fare and we are very satisfied with the work done.
BRITTANY BARTON on 2016-05-04 I has a great first visit! From the minute we walked in we were greeted warmly and the staff paid special attention to my cat to calm him down and cuddle him until he felt comfortable. The prices were fare and we are very satisfied with the work done.
GEORGINA BALEZ on 2016-05-02 I have always had great care for my pets and have never been told you get no care without the pet costing me greats amounts that I can't do. My pets have always come first with you
MELODY GEORGE on 2016-05-01 I am so happy with the staff and the care taken with my fur baby Chopper
DANIELA ENNS on 2016-04-29 Great service and great care by knoledgable staff and doctor! Thanks!!
GLENN SEAWARD on 2016-04-28 We have been clients for nearly 10 years. During that time we have been very happy with the high quality of care and communication. The Doctors take the time to fully explain any situation so you can make well informed decisions about healthcare.
JASMINE FLETCHER on 2016-04-22 Thanks for taking such awesome care of Jewel!!
Rachel ABERCROMBIE on 2016-04-18 Clearbrook Animal Hospital is amazing. They are always easy to deal with, profession, and doctor VJ is so amazing with my two dogs. I know I'm getting honest service, and never feel pressured into any unnecessary procedures. The prices are also reasonable, which is a bonus!
CLAIRE SCOTT on 2016-04-15 Friendly staff and they care for your animals.
ELIZABETH HOLMES on 2016-04-15 Everything went great! The staff were friendly, caring and informative. They answered all my questions. They gave great care to my dog. All went as smoothly as I could have hoped for!
MARK HENDERSON on 2016-04-06 very caring and helped my shih tzu, we have been going to Clearbrook Animal Hospital for over 9 years, we have 2 shih tzus and always had great experience, the Vet really cares for animals
Ingrid Wirsche on 2016-04-01 Very friendly and helpful...
SANDRA KUCHERAN on 2016-03-27 We were treated with respect and our beloved shepherd was treated with the best medical care before and after her surgery. Dr VJ called to let us know she made it through and was up walking and doing well. We were sent home with antibiotics and pain killers for her. The next few weeks will be the true test on how she heals. Thank you Clearbrook, you guys saved our girl.
Anon on 2016-03-25 Very friendly
BULVANT SINGH on 2016-03-17 Fast and efficient service. Good initial and post problem analysis by the Df himself.
NANCY PAYNE on 2016-03-14 The staff here have always done their best to make my fur babies comfortable. Just this weekend we had a concern regarding our little shih tzu. They took care of her straight away. Thank you so much Clearbrook Animal Hospital!
STEVE HELLYER on 2016-03-09 Service was exolent
RHONDA KAVANAGH on 2016-03-05 calm and patient with Duke and Fred : being the barky nervous one !
RHONDA KAVANAGH on 2016-03-05 calm and patient with both Dule and Fred : being the barky nervous one !
Anon on 2016-02-18 Thank you
Richard Lewis on 2016-02-14 My experience at clearbrook animal hospital was wonderful, buttons is doing very well. My family has other cats that may need veterinary care in the future and I will recommend your business to them. Thank you so much for taking such good care of buttons
Melanie Rowe on 2016-02-11 Friendly,helpful, knowledgeable staff who are great at handling "difficult" (as in I hate this place) pets
Jaime CHAMBERLIN on 2016-02-09 Excellent care!
PENELOPE HARRIS on 2016-02-06 Having recently moved to Abbotsford, I took my older cat in for a check-up before renewing her prescription for hyperthyroidism. It turned out there is a better medication (made for cats: fewer side effects) than the 'human' medicine for the condition & she is now on this new medication: Felimazole. Lab tests were done and Dr Vishesh Jalan called that day to give me the results & discuss the options. The following day, I went to pick up some specialised food for the cat & Dr Jalan took the time to discuss my cat's options & the likely outcome. Dr Jalan also examined my second cat & explained why the medication prescribed for him was no longer necessary. All information was clear & direct. All my questions were answered & both animals were treated extremely well.
CALLIE MCHARDY on 2016-02-04 This was our first experience with this clinic after the original dental estimate was done. The estimate was done for free which was fantastic. I had contacted the clinic we usually go to first and they were going to charge an office fee of $42.00 just to tell me what had to be done. On recommendation from a friend, we switched to Clearbrook Animal Hospital. The office was very clean and tidy and the staff were friendly and helpful. When we went to pick up our dog, the vet came out to explain the work he had done. He seemed to be a very nice & caring man. The prices were very reasonable. All in all, a good experience.
PAT BULLOCK on 2016-02-02 We are big fans of Clearbrook animal Hospital.
JADEN SIMPSON on 2016-01-16 I love this vet I've never had any problems and they are always good with my boy Blu, they take time to explain things to you so you know exactly what's wrong
KIM SLATER on 2016-01-15 awesome people and treated as so well!!! Thank You for all your help!
NICOLE ANDERSON on 2016-01-10 We had a great experience. The woman at the desk was busy but was very nice and gave us her time and explained everything to us. Afterward when she put him in his carrier to go home he peed on her a bit and she just laughed it off. Then we received a call back the next morning to ask how he was doing and they reassured me of anything I was concerned about and told me to call for anything.
Anon on 2016-01-05 Our pet was looked after quickly and efficiently. The doctor was very helpful and accurate in his diagnosis. The ladies were loving to our pet and obviously care for the animals. We are excited to have our dog with energy, personality and a bounce in her step she hasn't had for a long time.
TRICIA BRIDAL on 2015-12-29 Super friendly staff and prices much better than where I was going. Thanks so much! I will continue going to you for sure.
CARLY PEARCE on 2015-12-21 They were just closing as I came in so they stayed late to care for my cat. Much appreciated!! The ladies were also very nice and friendly.
PAUL HOLMGREN on 2015-12-18 Consistently professional, attentive service at very affordable prices. Our dogs have been coming here for the past two years and we could not be happier. Highly recommend!
Stacey Bushmann on 2015-12-12 Thank you again for such wonderful and caring service to xena. Greatly appreciate all your staffs kindness and your knowledge
Anon on 2015-12-06 They did an amazing job taking care of my puppy before, during and after his surgery. I am so comfortable with anything they need to do or reccomend!
URSULA FEDOR on 2015-12-06 Very friendly and prompt . great Clinic to visit with my Dogs
CARLA CAPONE on 2015-12-04 Always get great service by people who care about my fur babies!
CAROLE CRAMPTON on 2015-12-01 Our 4 month old puppy took sick at 6pm on Saturday 21st November, our usual Vets office was closed so my Husband and I drove along South Fraser Way and luckily the lights were on at Clearbrook Animal Hospital, the door was locked but the Dr was kind enough to take a look at Louie. he thought it was hypoglycemia and after giving our puppy some glucose water he perked up a little. Luckily that diagnosis was right and our puppy has been fine since then. We will be forever grateful to the Dr.
Anon on 2015-12-01 hospital bright and clean, staff pleasant and polite, pet responded well to treatments.
JO-ANNE ROE on 2015-11-30 As always Im very pleased with dealing with Clearbrook. VJ is my trusted vet.. He takes care of my animals which are my children. Thankyou
TERRILYNN SCHACK on 2015-11-30 Cedric is doing very well after his neuter surgery in fact he was up and playing the very next day! We had to keep him from getting to frisky just to keep him safe. The whole experience was quite positive except I did feel there were hidden costs we weren't really expecting.
CYNDY FEHR on 2015-11-25 I was referred to Dr VJ by one of my groomer's employees just after we got our puppy a little over a year ago. I have found both Drs to be very professional and practical in their approach in caring for my dog.Their supporting staff is fantastic. I would refer anyone to Dr VJ ... He is an excellent vet.
MICHAEL BOLLEY on 2015-11-23 Manda at the front desk was so sweet and caring. She got Otis in with the Dr. with very little notice. You can tell she truly loves her work!
GARTH HILES on 2015-11-22 Again excellent service at a great price while truly caring for your pet.
TOMAS DROZDZIK on 2015-11-19 Our cat was in rough shape trying to pass a hairball and Clearbrook was there for us. They worked with us multiple times, called to check in after our appointments to make sure everything was okay, and even on repeat visits our cat didn't seem to be panicked about going (all pets I've had in the past have been terrified of the vet, so this was a bit shocking). We had taken him to another emergency clinic before Clearbrook when this had all begun, and in comparison this Clearbrook was a fraction of the cost for a thousand times better the service. Dr. VJ and the ladies at the counter (Carrie and others) were fantastic to work with, made us feel like it was all going to work out, and took amazing care of our cat while he spent a couple days there. I can't thank them enough and would recommend them to anyone.
ROBERT HAWKINS on 2015-11-17 Professional and caring.
CHRYSTINE FAHRION on 2015-10-30 I appreciate and love the understanding and compassion exhibited towards both the person but most importantly to the animal. From the beginning I have received such wonderful care from the staff and my Sammy's doctor that I feel very comfortable in coming there to address whatever needs and questions that I may have. I find the Vet (doctor) to be so understanding and caring and considerate of my needs. He provides a valuable experience and what I like most is his compassion whatever the need, be it for me or for Sammy. I have always liked the Clearbrook Clinic for that reason. Thank you for asking for my opinion. Chrystine Fahrion and Sammy.
PAUL STEPHENSOW on 2015-10-24 I have a common sense approach or I just understand medical well.The Vet was very thorough and did not try to sell anything that was of no value. I am very impressed with his conduct and the assistants being my cat can be very hard to deal with and has 9 kills to his name The back room was clean and well organized plus the exam rooms are kept up to a medical standard.I really like the Vet I had and think he is in this field for the love of it and not just profit. Kobek and myself are very grateful to the service they provide Thank you Paul Stephenson
Stephanie GILL on 2015-10-22 My experience as always was fabulous. Always great service care and compassion. I always recommend clearbrook animal hospital.
MAXINE BRAUN on 2015-10-06 Our dogs have been receiving good care since we brought them in for their first visit as puppies. They are now 7 years old . We appreciate the good service and the pleasant staff, who always greet you with a smile.
Anon on 2015-10-03 Clearbrook Animal Hospital is the best vet I have been to they care about the pets who come in and are kind they are well trained and know all about diffrent types of pets and they are honest and do not rip off their customers they are the most affordable vet office I have found they do not see your pet as money they really care. I have pet rats and bring them here when they have problems and V.j. took such good care of my very sick rat that grow a huge cancer tumor on his head he knew right away what it was my rat was really rough looking due to the complications but he still liked him and all staff knew him by name and were so kind to him V.J. did everything to keep him comfortable including weekly tooth trims which isn't easy at one point I asked if he should get sugery and He is so honest he said no it's not going to help him his outcome will be the same and that shows honesty, I was in weekly and sometimes they would do extra without charge. It's really hard to find vets who know about small pets and like them. My other rat had surgery there and they girls even shared their lunch with him so I totaly recommend Clearbrook Animal Hospital if you want kind affordable care with vets that actually care about the animal, I reasearched all the vets in Abby to the tricitys and all charged double the price and only a few took rats. This is 5 star care
GENEVIEV BERRY on 2015-09-30 Excellent! An awesome place to get your animals taken care of
DELORAS HOWARD on 2015-09-29 We have been taking our dogs to Dr. VJ and staff ever since they took over the clinic. We took our old dog there all the time and when he broke his leg at 15 Dr. VJ treated it with great care and had to change the cast 3 times with no additional charge. He has since passed. We have been taking Cheyenne to see him since she was 8 weeks old when we picked her up from the breeder. We are always happy with the service and the price of his services. Our daughter also takes her dog there. Deloras Howard
Laurel George on 2015-09-29 I found the animal clinic to be one of the best clinics I have been to. The people are fantastic and do not mind answering questions like some others do. I strongly suggest taking your pets here.
KAREN GILCHRIST on 2015-09-29 I have been taking my precious dog there since she was a baby, 8 years ago. Dr VJ and his wife have always cared for her very well. They understand how important she is to me and what a nervous mommy I am and have always treated me with respect and caring. Misty is comfortable with them both although she hates going to the vet. My daughter takes her animals to Clearbrook and is happy with them as well. She recently had to euthanize her 20 year old cat and they were very caring and sympathetic during the whole experience. They have helped keep my baby healthy and I trust them with her life.
BETTY LOU DIETZ on 2015-09-28 The staff gets the work done and if they don't have the answer, they will get back to you when they can. Dr. V.J. has worked with my cats over the years and I would recommend him in a heartbeat!!!
JOHN VANG on 2015-09-25 Very helpful with information and answering my questions.
TRICIA TAYLOR on 2015-09-12 Great service, wonderful staff and were up front about costs. Overall costs were much lower than I have been told at several other clinics. Hours are excellent and appointments times available are flexible for all schedules. The staff were wonderful and you can tell they are there for the animals, not for the $$.
GAIL TASCHNER on 2015-09-12 I have always been very happy with the service and the Dr.s always treat my animals great.
TOM PRECKEL on 2015-09-09 Kiki is doing fine...still wants to lick but that is to be expected.....she is very precious to us and I'm glad we decided on the micro chip and the laser surgery...thank you Dr V.J your staff is the best....
CINDY LOEWEN on 2015-09-08 Many THANKS for C.A.H. for taking in my jaundiced cat at closing time on a Saturday. My cat was seriously ill and the Dr. waited for me to rush him in for closing time. I hadn't been a client since 1997. THANK YOU for taking care of A. over the weekend and getting him through that crucial time. We are forever grateful! C.A.H. also has very competitive rates, another thing we are grateful for.
DON THOMPSON on 2015-09-07 Very nice very good service
MELINDA SMITH on 2015-08-29 excellent service and great rates
KAYLA CHARTIER on 2015-08-13 I absolutely love this place! Very clean, efficient and courteous establishment and staff. Would recommend to family and friends.
GARY DOSANJH on 2015-08-12 Really pleased with the examination and shots given to the puppies. We are also pleased with the micro-chipping of the adult dogs. We had been to your clinic previously for a previous dog and were satisfied. With the puppies, we were recommended by a current patient and previous employee and are very glad that we made our appointment with you. 1 of the puppy owners states she will be returning to your clinic with the puppy. Than you for your service. We will be back.
ANDREA LINGREN on 2015-08-06 I highly recommend Clearbrook Animal Hospital. I appreciate VJ's gentle demeanour with my animals, and his knowledge of veterinary problems is above average. I have every confidence in him to look after my critter family with care, accuracy and expedience. I have recommended him to some of my friends and will continue to do so as the occasion arises.
Barb Page on 2015-07-26 I can't say enough about the wonderful staff & Dr's, they took such wonderful care of my very precious cat Ringo, he is doing fantastic after all the tlc he got and I would highly recommend this business to anybody out there who is looking for wonderful care for thier pets!
NICOLE BRAATEN on 2015-07-24 Great care for my little Shadow! Thank you
ROBYN BUSSIERE on 2015-07-23 Great service! I was very suprised how calm Missy was with Carrie (I think that was her name). She doesn't let anyone she doesn't know hold her and Carrie could.
HEATHER ORSTED on 2015-07-23 Excellent prompt and compassionate care. Supported us in proving the best end of life care we could for our beloved four legged family member.
MERLA GOERTZ on 2015-07-12 My visit was very good. the receptionist was friendly and helpful and I was able to get the products I needed for my dog, Jessie. Thank you
Anon on 2015-06-25 Very friendly and kind they are willing to do whatever it takes to make your pets feel better.
KIM SLATER on 2015-06-24 The Dr. and staff r great and the Dr. is so caring..
KIM SLATER on 2015-06-24 The Dr. and staff r great and the Dr. is so caring..
Barb Page on 2015-06-21 I took my precious boy Ringo in for medical attention for a badly cut paw & was treated wonderfully by the entire staff, my thanks go out to all who took such great care with my boy. He is doing just fine!
Stacey Bushmann on 2015-06-20 Wonderful service as usual !! Xena is doing fantastic. Thank you
JANICE ELMHIRST on 2015-06-15 Quick service; excellent staff
SHEENA LES on 2015-06-07 You have amazing service. Fleek had amazing care and i am very impressed with how well his tummy looks after his hernia repair and how easy it is for him to recover. You are very informational and can answer all of my questions silly or not. I am happy with the fact you can take the proper care of him even though he's only 1 lb. and your prices are extremely reasonable.
Jennifer Hailstone on 2015-06-03 Found the service good ,and reasonable and for a fair price. They were very nice at answering my concerns. I would feel very good at using them again.
Mikah Belanger on 2015-05-28 We have been taking our pets to the Clearbrook Animal Hospital for years now, and yet I am still blown away by the efficient, reliable, and friendly service we receive every time we enter their establishment.
JOHN SARKOZY on 2015-05-14 Very easy to deal with, easy to reach, 24 hours a day if necessary. They saved Sugar's life. Exam rooms are nothing fancy but they get the job done. Staff is good to deal with. They have been around for along time so that is a good sign. I would recommend.
HANNAH KITE on 2015-05-09 Thank you so much! Great service and no hidden fees.
Kellie Marquet on 2015-05-08 Calm professional service, quality care for our dogs.
HILLARY MURPHY on 2015-05-04 The staff were very welcoming and took very good care of Sam.
JENNIFER NELSEN on 2015-04-20 The vet took very good care of my dog. He was very knowledgeable and very friendly to him. The staff there are the best I've come across in my many years of having fur babies ..They tell it as it is and that's a very good thing I think..Good job! With a very happy ending for my pup!
Anon on 2015-04-19 Had my dog's nails clipped: it was done with him sitting on the floor. Would've been better and easier for the assistant to do it if he was put up on the examining table. He's a large dog but I'd have helped get him up there. It was very hot waiting in the exam room. However, the dry food I wanted was on hand ; the $20 parasite discount was honoured even though I didn't have the flea prevention part of it done. Overall a good experience. Staff is always friendly.
CATHERINE BETTS on 2015-03-21 Wonderful friendly staff. Our dogs surgery was well done and we were able to take him home and spoil him within a few hours of dropping hm off.
JAY DIMARTINO on 2015-03-15 I brought my GSD in,to be neutered yesterday and was very pleased with the kindness and care that was given to my dog. I am thankful to have found a vet clinic,that I can depend on for fast reliable care,when I need it. thanks very much :)
FRANK SVENSHEK on 2015-03-13 Originally we rescued a kitten on the coldest day in November when it was about a month old, very thin and cold and mewing outside our basement window.We thought our kitten was a female when we brought her in to the clinic to be spayed. When it came time to pick the kitten up, we were advised that it was not a she but a he and they had neutered him. Our complaint was that the clinic was aware we thought the kitten was female so they should have called to let us know it was a male and did we want him neutered instead of just going ahead without our approval. The cone they attached that was charged out at $15.00 was quoted at $7.50 when asked if we wanted it put on after the surgery. (He removed the cone within 10 minutes of arriving home. Our complaint seemed to fall on deaf ears.
Charlene THORGRIMSON on 2015-03-08 I love this place and find the staff friendly and compassionate and caring. I have a lot of confidence in the doctors that own this clinic. I can't imangine taking my fur babies anywhere else.
Anon on 2015-03-07 Friendly and very helpful
Anon on 2015-03-04 We recently purchased a purebred toy poodle. The breeder used this vet so we continued and we are so happy we did. Dr VJ is so kind and gentle. We have gone thru all the shots and last week he was neutered. The care from the staff and Dr here have been just great and at a reasonable price. Very much appreciate everything they have done and we will continue to use this clinic.
GARTH HILES on 2015-03-03 Great caring service at very reasonable prices.
DIANA FRANK on 2015-03-01 Thank you very much for the great service. Staff is friendly and we would recommend this clinic.
SHARON MACBETH on 2015-02-27 Great service as usual. Got the medication I needed in by noon the next day. Genuinely caring and helpful staff. Always offer to carry that heavy bag of dog food to the car for me, which I appreciate.
MAUREEN NEWMAN on 2015-02-25 We love the Clearbrook Animal Hospital. We own 3 cats and the staff there are so caring and good with our loved pets. We have found that the vets are calm and gentle with our pets. We love our cats and would recommend this animal hospital to anyone who loves their animals.
DOREEN JONES on 2015-02-25 Staff are very friendly and very knowledgable and are very caring with my cat. The vets are very kind and make sure your pet is not afraid to be there. Further as a pensioner on pension income I find their fees fit my pocketbook a lot easier than a few of the other vets in the area. Would recommend them to anyone who asks. DJ/ and Lorenzo Abbotsford
Anon on 2015-02-25 The service here was excellent and everyone was wonderful to deal with. Very reasonable rates and great, continual follow-up. I would recommend Clearbrook Animal Hospital to anyone as the vet is very competent.
Anon on 2015-02-25 Clearbrook animal hospital is great I take all my pet rats to them and only them, everybody there are friendly and kind people, they care about the pets who come in and have a great knowledge about animals and problems that certain ones are prone to my rats actually like going to the vet they do everything my pets need and are very affordable.... Defiantly a 5 star vets office
Carole VELNE on 2015-02-25 Friendly, professional, accommodating, affordable, convenient, great petside manner!!!
Matt Riley on 2015-02-24 Wonderful vet, staff is very welcoming. Great prices! and it's always what's best for the animal, they get right to the point. No extra tests just to charge you more money.
GEORGE EVENS on 2015-02-16 Thanks for looking after TOBY. Your flexibility to adjust pill dosage to two, higher dose in AM helps and better than 3X, so having empathy for Guardians is appreciated.
Charlene THORGRIMSON on 2015-02-13 I am very happy taking my pets here. They are very caring people. We had two kittens, they were feral cats, one is doing excellent but the other one passed away. They did everything in their power to save our little Logan but he had too many problems and he passed away. I am very pleased with the vets and the staff. They are wonderful.
LINDA MUNRO on 2015-02-11 Good vet check and katie apprieciates your care.
RITA CISERNOS on 2015-02-10 Very good experience. Dr. Vishesh came on a Sunday morning (we didn't have an appointment) to check our cat Jazmine that hadn't been eating for a couple of days. We really appreciated that.
TARA HANSEN on 2015-02-08 I find my experience to be good. The staff are friendly and helpful.
STEFANO MARAZZI on 2015-01-28 Great! Your price for the food is the best I've seen! Also you have a friendly and lovely receptionist! Dawn
Anon on 2015-01-28 Both the doctors are amazing and the staff is extremely helpful and caring. I would recommend everyone to Clearbrook animal hospital. Keep up the good work !
LYNETTE LOTECKI on 2015-01-26 I was able to call in the middle of the night and be taken care of . my chihuahua needed to have emergency cecearian which saved the life of at least one puppy and propably the life of our cherished pet
PHIL REID on 2015-01-23 I have two dogs.....a Pug...and...a French Bulldog. For all my dogs medical needs and care I take to Clearbrook Animal Hospital. One of my dogs had an operation and my other dog gets his prescriptions filled at this hospital. I travel over 30 minutes to go to this Hospital just because of the service I receive. I would highly recommend Dr. V and staff to look after your animal care.