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  • Questions to Ask Before Your Pet Surgery
    Questions to Ask Before Your Pet Surgery at Clearbrook Animal Hospital in Abbotsford If your dog or cat requires pet surgery in the near future, you are bound to have questions Read more
  • Honesty is the Best Policy
    Honesty is the Best PolicyWe’ve all done something in our life that was a little bit dumb and ended up causing even bigger problems. Sometimes it can turn out to Read more
  • “Eye” Think We Have a Problem Here
    “Eye” Think We Have a ProblemWe’ve all experienced the pain and irritation from having an eyelash or hair stuck in our eye. Now, imagine that discomfort never goes away and Read more
  • Pets that Stress – Anxiety in a Nutshell
    Pets that Stress –Anxiety in a NutshellAnxiety is caused by a fear of the unknown and an anticipation of future dangers. This is why your dog might run around like Read more
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop
    ArthritisWe always know we’re getting old when our joints start to make those Rice Krispies sounds when we try to get up. Winter can be a tough time for older Read more
  • Ur-ine Trouble
    Urinary BlockageThere is one thing male cats all have in common – they are at a higher risk of developing a urinary blockage.Urinary blockages are caused by a few things: Read more
  • The "Tooth" About Bad Breath
    The ‘Tooth’ About Bad BreathAll animal lovers have gotten kisses from a dog with nasty breath at some point in their lives. Personally, I always feel bad turning away from Read more
  • When the Poop Squirms
    When the Poop SquirmsWhat does a blade of grass, a stick, and a flea all have in common? All 3, along with many other things, can be carriers for intestinal Read more
  • Ditch The Itch
    DemodexA lot of people have used the phrase “That mangy dog!” but little know where it actually comes from. Today’s the day we find out!A dogs’ itch can be caused Read more
  • Scoot, Scoot, Scootin To The Vet
    Scoot, Scoot, Scootin To The VetA scooting pooch actually isn’t something to laugh at; they could possibly have a serious issue going on that you may not be aware of.There Read more
  • I'm Sorry, He Ate What?
    BlockagesAt some point, everyone has met a pet that will chew on or eat whatever they can find. Most people find it to simply be a nuisance and don’t realize Read more
  • Not So “Hot” Spots
    Not So “Hot” SpotsPop Quiz! What is it called when your pet has a red, bald patch of skin that they lick and bite constantly?You guessed it! Hot spots.Hot spots Read more
  • Wait… Is that Coffee?
    Wait… Is that Coffee?Does your pet ever shake their head and scratch their ears incessantly? Do their ears look like they’re full of coffee grounds or crusty scabs? Is there Read more
  • Pet C-Sections with our Abbotsford Veterinarian
    Although most pregnant canines and felines go on to birth their babies on their own, there are some instances where labor becomes prolonged or complications arise which requires a C-section. Read more

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